The State of the States in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Project focuses on financial outcomes of state and federal investments in ID/DD services and supports. Our primary data sources are the states themselves. We collect data in partnership with state agencies on developmental disability services and/or the state Medicaid authorized agency. We use secondary data sets and administrative data for our analyses and validation.

The Project collects data every other year. The project reports data in concert with other national data collection projects with a two-year delay.

Why can you not get more up-to-date data?

The Project presents data on “actual expenditures” in the states, so data can only be reported after the fiscal year and with adequate time to report the information.

After our data is collected, we analyze the data and then return the results to our state agency partners to verify and approve of the analyses. Only after final approval from agency Directors do we publish our results.


Administrative data - data that is collected to manage services and comply with government reporting regulations.

EXAMPLE - U.S. Census