Land Acknowledgement

KU Campus at Twilight


At the University of Kansas, we acknowledge that our institution occupies land that has long been cared for by Indigenous peoples and work to reflect on the history of genocide and the forced removal of people and communities.

At KU we are also taking the time to understand and acknowledge the history that has brought our institution to occupy this space and to understand our institutions' place within that history. Native American and Indigenous peoples are still here as our students, staff, faculty, and partners, and continue to thrive despite ongoing colonialism and oppression.

So, with this acknowledgment:

  • We affirm sovereignty of the 574 federally recognized tribal nations in the US, 4 of which have reservations in Kansas, the 63 state recognized tribes and the many more tribes who seek recognition.
  • And we continue our commitment to support our Native American community and recognize the dynamic contributions Indigenous people make at KU and at our sister institution Haskell Indian Nations University, as well as in our local communities, the state of Kansas, and our country.